Detailed P&L report for a multi-country IT company


Multi-country IT company

Delivered solution
Continuously updated internal P&L report with detailed levels (direct margin on business units, EBIDTA, EBIT, profit after tax) with order on hand and sales pipeline forecast.

Measures facts and forecasts in summarized and detailed level against to business plan to actual dates as well as for the whole financial year.

The solution supports different views to accounting (aligned to delivery and accruals) and sales (aligned to contractual dates).

Other features:
General and Administration (G&A) cost analytics. Project level financials. Handling accruals across year and within years.
Report pages supports drilldowns for all summarized to view (supporting) details.
Automated data handover to and processing for external accounting and payroll provider.
Outstanding reports. Cash flow management support.


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November 17, 2022